• Wear & Care Guidelines

    At Jenya Renée, we're dedicated to ensuring your leather and exotic goods stand the test of time. Each Jenya Renée creation is meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials, chosen exclusively for you. To preserve their longevity and prevent unnecessary wear, kindly adhere to the following care instructions:

    1.  Shield your handbags from direct sunlight, excessive heat, rain, and chemicals. In case of moisture exposure, promptly dry the product with a soft cloth. Periodically shake out the suede liner to maintain a pristine interior.
    2.  Refrain from overfilling your handbag, wallet, or accessories to retain their original shape and prevent stretching.
    3.  When storing your bag, use tissue paper to help it maintain its elegant form. Store it within the provided dust bag to prevent scratches and dust accumulation.
    4. For proper maintenance, note that the hardware may develop tarnish from natural oils or lotion residue. Use a soft cloth, mild soap, or specialized metal cleaner on the zipper pull to effectively remove any tarnish stains. 
    5. Condition your leathers with a product recommended for the specific exotic skin to maintain the suppleness and luster. 
    6.  Exercise caution when pairing a light-colored bag with dark clothing or vise versa, especially with suede and dark denim. Dye transfer is possible and challenging to remove.